"Just wanted to thank you and your team for such a wonderful job this past Saturday...All the pizzas, appetizers and salad were delicious and it all ran smoothly! Hopefully the word will spread from all our guests and if you ever need a recommendation feel free to include us"    - Glenda C.



"The BEST pizza I have ever eaten! (at the Italian festival today)."   - Audrey K.



"Finally the best pizza in OC.  Bravissimi e bounissima! Ciao."- Claudio D.

"Just wanted to let you know we experienced our first TJ's Woodfire Pizza at the Great Park last Sunday.  One of my kids is very picky in her eating  and she not only inhaled the pizza but exclaimed it was the BEST food she has ever tasted.   So thank you, we will be back!"    - Cathy


"Thanks again TJWP! You guys are the best! You made my son's graduation day fun and delicious!! People are still talking about how awesome your pizza is. See you Sunday at the Great Park!" - Carrie D.



TJ's Woodfire Pizza King of Italian Festival

TJ’s is a catering company that offers quality Neapolitan style pizza. They have a portable wood fire oven where they cook the pizza to order and on site. The flavor is one that could rival Mario Batali’s Mozza, which recently opened in Newport Beach.  The price is reasonable; considering a pie, of a similar size, at Mozza will go for 16 to 20 dollars. At TJ’s your pie will cost 10 to 17 dollars. Hopefully next year we can look forward to another Italian festival, in the mean time you can find TJ’s at the Irvine Great Park Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 10am. to 2pm.    - Dora Luz Stone  Laguna Niguel Cooking Examiner



"I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the amazing job you guys did at the shower. The food was delicious (my husband is still talking about the Fajita pizza!) and you guys worked so hard to make sure everyone was happy. Thank you for everything. It was perfect."    - Marissa J.



"Just had TJ's Woodfire Pizza at the Ladera 4th of July Festival. Man, this pizza is insane good. I think I'm gonna have to follow the pizza truck everywhere! Great Job!!!    - Louis G.  



"By far one of the best tasting pizzas I have had in a loooong time. P.S. the green chilies were the BOMB!!!!!!!!"    - Abner B.



"To get any better or more authentic, you would have to go to Italy. By far, the best." - Mark U.



"Just had your pizza at LA art walk. Amazingly delicious!" - Adrian F.



"Tried your pizza today for the first time @ the Farmers Market @

The Great Park-- It was delicious --potato, bacon & egg."   - Jess M. 



"I just had your pizza today. My friends and I split it and it was the best I have/We have had. The crust was so good and let the ingredients shine. By the way I had the Big Al and was seriously considering getting a second one. I look forward to having your pizza again."     - Cooper Q.